The Shoebox


``Leveling the playing field one pair at a time.``


The idea of Soleworthy was conceived out of a desire to give back to the communities who have supported major retail brands and have received little in return by way of help when and where it’s needed. As founders of Soleworthy, we took a long hard look at the greed and lack of care that the low income and impoverished face and deal with on a daily basis. We feel an overwhelming desire and obligation to create an environment that supports and gives to those who are less fortunate, which in turn empowers and prepares the youth of tomorrow, to be able to deal with the issues faced today. Growing up as young kids in the sneaker culture, the type of shoes you wore represented much more than being able to run fast or jump high. Wearing a pair of shoes that you liked, gave you a sense of self worth and accomplishment that very few other material things could.

The thought of a young person being able to wear a pair of the same type of shoes that a famous athlete or entertainer they admired wore, would often lend itself to that kid believing that they too can be just as successful. And for those parents who couldn’t afford the shoes their kids wanted, an often times unrealistic opportunity to keep up with “The Joneses” passes the child by. Reality plays a role in all of our lives whether we’re young or old. Acceptance of circumstance comes with maturity. For the youth who’s told he or she can’t get a pair of shoes that they want, some are forced to deal with a reality they’re not yet prepared to deal with. According to Davis& Nixon, in 2010, 57% of students in school were reportedly bullied based on looks and appearance (shoes & clothes). In another study done by the Center for Disease Control in 2015, students who experience bullying are at increased risk for poor school adjustment; sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression. In that same study it was found that students who engage in bullying behavior are at an increased risk for academic problems, substance use, and violent behavior later on in adolescence and adulthood.

It is impossible for the athletes and entertainers of today to be able to reach and connect with each and every child that looks up to them. So there’s an obvious disconnect, and Soleworthy can bridge the gap for some of these disadvantaged fans. We can provide one way that some of these youths can connect with their favorite whomever and that’s by emulating their style. The whole premise of Soleworthy is to help the youth who can’t afford to go out and purchase the attire that their role model adorns to feel connected and happy, and by extension to gain self-pride and confidence in themselves as well as see it in others. Hence the need for a foundation that could reach out to some of these youths in a positive way that could help them to become more productive members of society. It’s from this prospective that Soleworthy aspires to gift back that feeling that’s missing from those who yearn to be more, do more, and strive for more in life!


Shoes are the least donated item. People will donate their clothes, toys, coats and food before they donate their shoes. Shoes have such a strong psychological impact on the way people perceive themselves that they are reluctant to part with them.  Shoes are the key way that people define, project and present themselves to the world. We couldn’t agree more.